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Master of Arts in Public Policy

Regent University 1998

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry and Government
West Virginia Wesleyan College 1992

Certificate in Metallurgy and Non-Destructive Testing
A.W. Beattie Technical School 1987

Publications and Seminars

"Sun Tzu's The Art of War in the United States Marine Corps Officer Education" - 1998

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Contributing source material in Harvard University Associate Professor Alastair Iain Johnston "Sun Zi Studies in the United States" (click here)

"The Development and Tracking of Penecillin Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhea in the Continental United States" - 1992

"The Biochemical Molecular Activity of Bicyclomycin" - 1992


Instructor Biology, Chemistry, Civics and English

     City of Virginia Beach, 2003-2005

Professor of English, Culture, Economics, Policy and Ecology

     Silla University (Korea) 1999-2001

Instructor English, Culture, Methodology and Policy

     Pusan Foreign Studies University (Korea) 1996-1999

Instructor English, Culture, Methodology

     Pusan City Schools (Korea) 1996-1999

Silla University Recommendations & Certifications

Pusan City Schools Recommendations & Certifications


Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Paine & Washington:
History, Myth & Paradox

American Identity: The Declaration, The Constitution, & The Bill of Rights

Lincoln on Rights, Slavery & the Union

Conservatives or Liberals: The Political Continuum 1776 – 1984

Slavery and Egalitarianism
: Poverty, Compassion, & Jurisdiction

Defending Christianity
: The Foundation for Human Rights

A Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph
, Nor Ronald Reagan

The Legacy of the Woodstock Generation

Generational Warfare: Falling Standards, Ignorant Labor & Consumers

Making the Most from Nothing: Non-Zero Sum Game in Human Endeavor

Innovative Travel & New Business: Alternative Paths to Establishment

Social & Economic Crisis East to West 1997 [Pattern 2009]

A Colony And Imperialists: Struggling with Human Corruptibility

Republic or Oligarchy
: Election or Protest

: Unpredictable & Predictable

Lessons from the Joy Luck Club

: Hunger, Position, Power & Unlimited Warfare

Just Cause & Non-Linear: The Art of War, War Fighting & Campaigning

The Crusades, Serbia, Islamic Leninism, Terrorism and the Gulf

Rebuilding America’s Human Intelligence in of spite of Government Human Resources

A Very Affordable Third World War: Engineering the Apocalypse in Your Kitchen

Third World
Incubators, Ecology, Transposable Resistance and Tracking Epidemics

Ecological Invasions: The Chesapeake Bay

Championing Vogue Contradictions & the Wrong Priorities For Power